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Current Version


We have added a new feature that enables users to attribute Numerical Custom Fields to Contacts, Organisations and Projects. 💯 🤗 📈

This update includes 297 brand new reports and 321 new report filter options.

Our report suite has had a complete overhaul and the app has some more great new features to help create a more personalised experience for users.

🐣 New Features

  • Report dashboards – configure specific views of reports into widgets and compare data queries side-by-side.
  • Around 300 new reports with over 300 additional filter options.
  • Ability to pin activities to the top of feeds – so you can make sure important information is easy to access.


  • Tabs for filtering the report list by group.
  • New filters which allow users to quickly filter data sets by relative and specific time periods in the report suite.
  • Additional prompts before making permanently deletions for activities, tasks and teams.
  • You can now apply ‘Influence Levels’ to Contacts as well as Organisations.
  • The Program list has its own tab.

🪲 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the feed wasn’t updating when navigating to a new screen using the quick search function.
  • Minor display bug fixes.